Don’t Forget Giving Tuesday!

The next time you blink, it’ll be Thanksgiving. It’s coming. The next time you blink, it’ll be Thanksgiving. And after that, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday, and the holiday season will be upon us. A few years back, though, we became part of a new tradition that (for me, at least)...

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Skateboarding — With a White Cane

This takes guts — and patience.   We could all use a little inspiration these days. That’s why I wanted to share an amazing story I ran across this week. At 13, Dan Mancina was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa, a rare genetic disease that leads to vision loss. He started losing...

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“What the heck is that ticking noise?”

     Melva Snyder went through five sets of hearing aids before she finally got the right ones.      That meant more than 10 years of frustration. She still had to ask people to repeat themselves. When she was driving, she couldn’t hear if her blinker was on. If she was outside the house,...

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How To Qualify