Blind boy Ted, 11, runs marathon for charity

He was inspired by 100-year-old Captain Tom Moore. An 11-year-old boy has run one mile a day for 26 days to raise money for charity, BBC News reports. Ted Hardstaff, from Nottinghamshire in the UK, has Stickler syndrome, which caused his retinas to detach resulting in blindness at the age of two....

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Can You Get Coronavirus Through Your Eyes?

The CDC says it’s possible. When virologist and epidemiologist Dr. Joseph Fair recently became ill with Covid-19, he concluded that he got it through his eyes, National Public Radio reports. Speaking from his hospital bed, Fair said that he had been on a crowded flight two weeks earlier, and...

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A Little Bit of Inspiration

It’s a tough time. Sometimes it’s good to see some inspiration from other lands. This week we came across this song that embodies the history of Australian, told in Australian Sign Language (Auslan). So take a break from all the stressful news and enjoy! Sincerely,

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How To Qualify