How Oxygen Shaped the Evolution of Eyesight

Large eyes require increased oxygen supply. A new international study reveals how the evolution of powerful vision was shaped by an improved oxygen supply to the eyes, Mirage News reports. “Keen eyesight in vertebrates – from fish to birds and mammals – relies on large eyes and thick...

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As the year draws to a close, I’m looking back over 2019 and I have to say I’m feeling pretty grateful. You have made it such a special year. We’ve acquired so many new donors, and our old friends continue to come through. It’s a great feeling. Here are just some examples...

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American Sign Language Thrives on Campus

ASL is now the third most commonly taught language at U.S. colleges. For the first time, ASL is being offered at Cornell University, meeting its three-semester world language requirement, the Cornell Chronicle reports. ASL came to Cornell after a lobbying effort by the student-run Cornell...

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