Protecting Your Kids’ Eyes

Start the check-ups early. Children with immediate family members who had significant vision issues before elementary school should see an eye doctor by their first birthday, Penn State Health recommends. And kids with a remote family history of early eye problems should be seen for the first time...

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Blind Rider Wins National Jumping Title in UK

His mom tells him when to turn. A rider who is completely blind in one eye and has almost no vision in the other won at the British Showjumping national championships, Horse & Hound reports. And he did it on a horse had ridden only once before. Ronnie Robinson, 14, and In a World of His Own...

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Baby Jumping Spiders Are Watching Us

Their vision is that good. Baby jumping spiders have vision that’s almost as extraordinarily good as the grown-ups’, Science Alert reports. The baby spiders are only around a hundredth of the size of their parents. A new study reports that the tiny spiderlings have the same number of...

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