Contact Lenses Add to Plastic Pollution

Too many users are flushing them down the toilet. Disposable contact lenses are posing a real threat to the environment, The New York Times reports. Research presented at the American Chemical Society’s meeting in Boston last month showed that 20 percent of more than 400 contact wearers in a...

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STD That Causes Blindness is on the Rise

Developed countries are seeing more cases of ocular syphilis. Increasing numbers of people in industrialized countries are at risk from permanent eye damage to their vision as a result of the sexually transmitted disease syphilis, Newsweek reports. An international team of researchers warned about...

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Deaf-Owned Brewery Opens in Maryland

It’s the first one on the East Coast. Three graduates of D.C.’s Gallaudet University, which serves students who are deaf and hard of hearing, have co-founded Streetcar 82 Brewing Co this summer, WAMU reports. Streetcar 82 is the first deaf-owned brewery on the East Coast, named for the 82...

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